To Market, To Market

Every time I go to the grocery store, I do all my shopping and get to the register to discover that I’ve forgotten my reusable bags at home. In one of the greenest cities in America, I consistently commit the environmental crime of needing plastic bags to carry my milk and eggs home. Guilty, guilty, guilty. So one of my new resolutions is to have the foresight to carry my grocery bags in the car — and then, most importantly, into the store.

Whenever I’ve had trouble with losing or forgetting something, I’ve found the way to combat these issues is by finding a replacement that I’m really smitten with. For example, I’ve always kept meticulous care of my YSL sunglasses but in the past I lost my shades left and right. I’m thinking the same tactic might be successful with my reusable shopping bag predicament. If you’re also an advocate of reusable shopping bags, have you found one that you absolutely love?

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Also, to express the shame and guilt that comes with not bringing a reusable shopping bag to a grocery store in Portland, here’s a clip from Portlandia that says it all:

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  1. cute! also this whole blog is beautiful. i just realized. lol.
    i’m glad your solution of having a version you love works for you. if not, it would be very sad to lose those things!
    anyway another solution for remembering those bags is to keep one or two foldable ones in every purse. at least for me i usually only buy 1-2 bags of groceries at a time and i only have a few purse/totes i rotate between. so i guess this wouldn’t work for everyone… but also good if you want an excuse to buy a lot of cute grocery bags!

    • Thanks, Robyn! I love the idea about keeping the foldable ones handy at all times. They even fit in those little pouches that I use (from charmdesign). Also, I think the Envirosax fit the equivalent of 5 plastic bags’ worth of groceries in them — pretty amazing.

  2. YES to the video! And I so feel your pain. I leave mine in the car in hopes of remembering and I still forget. Been eying the cute Powell’s Books totes as well. It’s where fashion meets food!

    • So true! I feel like I would buy the yellow chevron striped one just so I could carry it around (and possibly coordinate outfits with it).

  3. Hahaha, glad I’m not the only one who always seems to forget my reusable bags! Those bags are really cute šŸ™‚ Let us know if buying a cute bag especially for groceries helps, I like that idea!

  4. A friend of mine suggested buying lots of foldable bags and carrying them in my purse. In the past I did this, and it really did help. But I’m really so in love with that chevron striped bag that I might just have to get that one too!

  5. hahahah! that is the funniest portlandia skit!!! i always feel that way inside! my bags just hang in the laundry room, i should just put them all in my car so i don’t have to remember, they’re already there. and i love that yellow chevron bag!

  6. Must get better at carrying around my bags…good tip on the foldable ones! Love your picks – perhaps I need more grown up options (my current options are polka-dotted chickens and sharks).

  7. Poor Jack McBrayer! Thank goodness they’re nicer than that at our Whole Foods. I can tell they want to be that way, but they restrain themselves. šŸ˜‰

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