19 Gifts That Cost Little to Nothing

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1. Call a loved one who might need a cheer up
2. Getting rid of old linens and blankets? Give one to a homeless person.
3. Volunteer for a day (or longer)
4. Surprise a friend with a cupcake
…or coffee / tea / chocolates…
5. Write a letter to a friend with whom you’ve lost touch
6. Offer to baby-sit for free
7. Leave flowers on a neighbor’s doorstep
8. Make extra for dinner & bring some to friends (or better yet, invite them over!)
9. Leave a big tip for great service
10. Make someone smile
11. Cook your partner’s favorite food — or order their favorite takeout
12. Retweet a new blogger’s post
13. Give up your seat on the bus / train / subway
14. Hold the door for someone with a stroller
15. Pay for the tab of the person behind you
16. Bring a sick friend something pretty
17. Leave a glowing review on Yelp for a business you love
18. Send a care package
19. Listen

P.S. Check out the Random Acts of Kindness and 29 Gifts websites for more gifting inspiration.

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  1. Some of the most meaningful gifts you can give are a smile, a hug, a cheerful hello, a compliment and / or a sincere thank you! Also, I try to visit the assisted care and nursing homes in my area at least once a week. There are so many of the residents who live far away from their families and have litle or no contact with the outside world.

  2. I love all the ideas listed here for gifts. I try to make the day better for all I come in contact with. Most generally no money is spent. Kindness, favors, compliments. All gifts! :o)

  3. All of these ideas are delightful and #19 is probably the best thing anyone could do for another person.

  4. I love this post. What great ideas! Thanks for inspiring us with kindness šŸ™‚

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