Shimmy Shimmy Coco Puff

At some point last fall, I got gutsy and went to a Zumba class at my gym. Let me stop here to point out that if you’ve ever looked in on a Zumba class it looks like a bunch of crazy people (mostly women) with red faces flailing, and occasionally screaming, to the kind of dance music you wish your teenage neighbors would turn down. That said, it’s absolutely the most intense workout — one woman in my class wears a heart rate monitor and burns, on average, 800 to 1,000 calories per class — and I’m completely addicted to it.

Not only does Zumba satisfy the part of me that wants to dance (but hates clubs), I’ve actually made some really great friends there. It’s peer pressure at its finest! If I don’t show up for class this afternoon, the Zumba ladies will assume I’m sick again, dead, or that I’ve been abducted by aliens. And then I will be harangued on Facebook.

While I’m a fan of Zumba, I’m decidedly not a fan of the clothes designed specifically for the workout. But workout gear gets expensive, which is why I think buying it is a great reward for continuing to work out (and lose weight…maybe). Better than what I would otherwise reward myself with. How did that red velvet cake end up in my fridge?

1. Sennheiser Adidas OMX 680i Sports Headphones with Remote and Mic  2. Polar FT60F Purple Heart Rate Monitor / Fitness Watch  3. Ryka Transition – 1817WWMK  4. Lulu Lemon Ebb & Flow Bra  5. lucy Hatha Colorblock Capri Legging

This is a round up of the creme de la creme of workout gear. The Lucy pants have a pocket for my locker key, the Lulu Lemon bra keeps things firmly in check (not that I have a big problem in that department), and Ryka is a line of shoes made by women for women, so they fit like a dream. On my wish list: heart rate monitor and super schmancy headphones — both come highly recommended.


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  1. OMG, this post is hilarious! I especially like your vivid description of what a typical Zumba class looks like. The Zumba-specific gear that you posted a link to is also super funny. So very hippie, yeah? Your picks are much more stylish and better suited to working out (I doubt that baggy tie-dyed pants provide much in the way of aerodynamics or wicking).

    • Today I looked at myself in the mirror during class and thought, “If I ever give birth, this is how crazy I’ll look.” Not hot!

      • LOL! If you ever decide to have a baby, how you look while you’re giving birth will be the last thing on your mind.

  2. What great timing! I was just sitting here thinking to myself, “I need a way to hold a bunch of stuff in my pants while I’m dancing like a maniac”. Enter zumba wear. hahahaha! Amazing…I like your picks much better. 🙂

    • Oh, I’m so glad I could help you solve that problem! 🙂 I’d PAY to see you dance like a maniac. Really, I would. <3

  3. Buying new workout gear is indeed a great reward . . . as well as a great inducement to keep working out! Hard to justify not going for a run when you just purchased expensive new running tights.

    I love lululemon, too. The Free to Be bra is also terrific for the more lightly endowed among us although I just saw – gasp! – that it’s no longer on the lulu website. I’ll be very sad if it’s been discontinued. I like the looks of the Ebb & Flow and will definitely try it on the next time I stop by my local store.

  4. I will definitely shell out some cash for quality work out clothes. It keeps you motivated and is a good reward, just like you said.

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