Happy Valentine’s Day! I know a lot of people hate this day — the over-commercialization of it; the loneliness of a) not being with the one they love or b) not having someone to love. But I’ve always thought of Valentine’s Day as the day of ultimate girlishness. It’s so much more important to my girlfriends than it has been to anyone I’ve dated, so I say go all out — wear your prettiest frock, eat cake, turn up the volume on your blush. While most of the time I deny myself my love of pink, today I say Viva La Pale Pink!

Plum blossoms will someday be here — on the trees — but until then, they’re on sale at Pottery Barn. And these flowers don’t die. Also, these jeans by Seven are absolutely the best thing ever. This is the answer to skinny jeans for curvy girls — no more knee bulge in boots, no more stiff denim pushing down your butt. Amen! And polka dot strawberry milk shakes are basically just too darling to pass up. May you be your own cupid today.

1. Pottery Barn Plum Blossom Branch  2. Seven for All Mankind The Skinny Second Skin Legging in Blush  3. The Sweetest Kitchen Strawberry Polka Dot Milkshakes

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